I’m running for Council to promote political decentralization and empower citizens at the local level. In Canada, political power is an inverted pyramid: the federal government takes the lion’s share of the country’s wealth, yet delivers precious few services that citizens need or use regularly. The province takes the next largest share; and while they deliver valuable services (like healthcare), top-down (mis)management leads to service failures. Lastly, municipal governments have their modest take of revenue, yet with the limited powers delegated by the provincial government, must build and maintain most of the infrastructure we use daily. 

Local government is much more responsive to citizens’ needs than higher levels of government, and usually delivers services more effectively, with less waste. Municipal politicians are more accountable, because they’re much closer to voters and taxpayers. And if citizens don’t like how their municipality is run, they can always move to a neighbouring one, taking their tax base with them. This keeps a healthier balance between the rule-makers and the citizenry.

By righting the pyramid of municipal / provincial / federal governance, citizens will gain real decision making power in what services government provides, how they’re provided, and how much they must pay for them.

Clayton Welwood

Candidate for DNV Council

Clayton is running for District of North Vancouver Council in 2022. He holds a BA in International Development from Trent University, and works as a project manager in the construction industry.