About Clayton

I grew up in North Vancouver, and have lived in the Lynnmour neighbourhood with my wife and children for the past 9 years. I attended Trent University (BA, International Development) and Capilano University (Certificate, Business Admin), and work in the construction industry as a project manager. I recently served as Treasurer for the PAC at my children’s school, and have served on the boards of various volunteer organizations over the years.

Why I'm Running

I’m running for Council because I see an opportunity for greater civic engagement at the neighbourhood level. The population in the District has grown to a size where it no longer makes sense to have all decisions made at the level of Council and District administration. There are decisions to be made about the development, character, and amenities of particular neighbourhoods, and it makes sense to have the people who live in those neighbourhoods make those decisions. Does the local playground need an upgrade? Are the traffic calming measures on our streets effective? Is a community garden a good idea? How do we deal with a shortage of parking?

Neighbourhood Empowerment

In my campaign, I would like to gauge the appetite for addressing these questions at the neighbourhood level. If citizens want greater involvement in municipal decisions, then we should go beyond simply offering opportunities for input. What mechanisms could facilitate real neighbourhood empowerment, without adding a fourth level of government? What organizational structures could foster more authentic community engagement? What processes could allow citizens (instead of urban planners on staff) to define visions for their neighbourhoods? I look forward to hearing what my neighbours have to say.

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